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Chiricahua Apache Nation

P.O. Box 837
Santa Clara, New Mexico, 88026

Silver City Phone: 575-534-1379



For all matters involving the custody and placement of Chiricahua Apache children, and in all cases in which the Indian Child Welfare Act may be implicated, please contact the Attorney General and ICWA Director for the Chiricahua Apache Nation:

William C. Bradford
(703) 517-5719


Headquarters Council
P.O Box 837
Santa Clara, NM 88026
575 534-1379 USA

Attorney General Council
 2210 White Oaks Dr.
 Alexandria, VA 22306
703-517-5719 USA

Elders Council
P.O. Box 81
Monticello, NM 87939
575 267-2099 USA


Citizenship Council
We are revising citizenship council. Please inquire to the head quarter council. If you have any question, please call, computer is temporarily down. Thanks for your understanding


Treasury Council
P.O.Box 837
Santa Clara, NM 88026


Secretary of the Interior Council
17603 South Santa Fe st.
Mounds, OK 74047