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The sovereign Chiricahua Apache Nation is in a treaty relationship with the United States,
 and is not to be confused with any similarly named nonprofit  corporation.

Our Mission ... To develop programs and initiatives to rebuild and strengthen Chiricahua Apache relations, promoting self-determination and solidarity in the achievement of common goals for Chiricahua Apache people everywhere. Common goals include historical and cultural reclamation, injustice redress, as well as advancement of strategies to recover, preserve and protect Chiricahua Apache culture, sacred sites and ancestral homelands located in Arizona and New Mexico. A critical goal is the compilation, preservation and dissemination of Chiricahua Apache oral histories to educate emerging generations.

Over time, our interests and efforts have evolved, as has our organizational identity. Our first name in 2003-4 was "Chiricahua Apache Alliance". By 2012-13, our name identified us as "Chiricahua Apache Nde Nation". Now, and forever, constitutionally, we have established our identity as "Chiricahua Apache Nation", but we are basically the same group of individuals with a long term commitment to promoting and advocating for Nde (Apache people) culture, land claims, history, lifeways, solidarity and unity among all Apaches everywhere.

Promoting Solidarity and Unity among Apache Peoples